The Top Ten Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

We want you to enjoy yourself this holiday season.  Most of us are out taking advantage of Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.  Let’s keep ourselves safe, sane, and in the holiday spirit.

Courtesy Pixabay

1- Keep your vehicle locked and conceal your belongings.

2- Be alert and aware when driving, especially in parking lots.

3- Dress down and casually to not draw attention to yourself. Resist the urge to wear expensive jewelry and accessories.

4- If shopping with cash doesn’t have it visible.

5- Shop with someone to help reduce the chances of becoming a target.

6- Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Don’t leave your purse or purchases unattended.

7-  Don’t ask strangers to assist you when loading purchases into your vehicle.

8- Only shop at reputable stores or retailers.  It’s wise to keep your purchase receipts for a couple of months.

9- Review your credit card and bank statements to watch for unauthorized purchases.  Automatic notifications from your credit card or bank will help you prevent fraudulent use.

10- Stay in good cheer. Be kind when driving. Don’t be a grinch in the parking lots. Remember the reason for the season.

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