Public Service Announcement on Behalf of Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds who have found a feeder that does not use plain white sugar or a mixture with honey can develop life-threatening fungal deceased tongue or gullet. If this fungus goes, uncheck they will not be able to retract their tongue due to fungal spores that have germinated on the tongue or in the gullet. As a result, they will die because they can no longer feed.

Courtesy Frank Lingohr

When feeding these amazing little creatures, please use only a white sugar mixture that is one part sugar to four parts water. Do not use organic, raw, brown, or powdered sugar. Honey and artificial sugar should never be used to feed hummingbirds. The plain while sugar/water mixture is the most similar to mother nature’s flower nectar. The red color can be very toxic. At the same time, the high temperatures change the sugar water often as the mixture will ferment quickly.

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