No Bake Ranch Fire Cracker Recipe

You will love these Ranch Fire Crackers; they will transform your life, your saltines will be irresistible and perhaps a little addictive. Serve the tasty crackers with a cheese ball, a bowl of soup, or stew. Don’t get us wrong these Ranch Fire Crackers will for sure zest up your boring snack life. These will ship super well if sending any care packages and will surely remind them someone back home loves them.  If you have little ones at home they will,l love helping you “cook.”
Ranch Fire Cracker Recipe:
🌶 1 tsp garlic powder
🌶 1 tsp onion powder
🌶 1/2 tsp black pepper
🌶 3 tbs crushed red pepper
🌶 2 pkgs Ranch dressing mix
🌶 2 cups Canola oil
🌶 1 box Saltine crackers (all 4 pks)

Mix & pour into a 2-gallon Ziploc bag. Toss lightly until all the oil is absorbed. *Best to wait 24 hours before inhaling

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