JPD Warns of New Telephone Scam Attempts

We want our listeners to be aware of an outrageous scam that is going on in the Joplin area. Sadly some scam attempts are being made using a spoofed telephone number that appears that JPD is calling.

Joplin Police Department
**Scam Alert**
We were made aware of scam attempts today where our JPD phone number is being spoofed to appear on the caller ID of would-be victims. The caller then uses one of the age-old scams of telling the victim they must send money to someone to stay out of trouble or get someone out of trouble.
(Insert one of many of the scam scenarios here.)
Unfortunately, the suspects do find victims who are vulnerable to such attempts. We would like to encourage everyone to take the time to speak to their vulnerable family members about using caution when asked to send money. Being asked to send cash or gift cards should always create red flags.
In regards to personal information and money:
When in doubt, don’t give it out.

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